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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A magic Diary, Let The Diary Makes Your Dream Come True

A magic Diary, Let The Diary Makes Your Dream Come True

In a far away place, there was a little boy called Soni. Actually he was a good boy, but he was so unconfidence. One day his father gave him a new cycle.  Soni was so happy, he tried day by day to ride his cycle.

One day  when he was trying to ride his cycle in the park, he fell down. Knowing that, his friends that saw the event laugh so loudly. Soni was so shame, He didn’t want to try it anymore. His parents were so sad, he wanted his son to be the gentle one.

Then his mother came and  gave him “a magic diary.” She said to his son “if you have a dream, and you want to make it come true, just write it on the diary, try to catch it, you just wait and see your dream will come true.”

Soni believed with his mother. He wrote all the wanted to get. At first he wrote he wanted to be able to ride his cycle well and it’s magic. He could easily ride his bicycle. Secondly he wanted to get the first winner in his school, and at the same, it worked, he could get the winner. Soni was so happy. He loved his diary so much. He wrote all he wanted there.

Oneday when he was writing his diary near river, suddently there was a big wind. The diary fall down into the river and lost by the flow. Soni was so sad. He cried all day long.

Then his mother said to his son,” Don’t be sad my dear son, it is actually  a common diary, it is not the magic one. If all your dream come true, it is because you have a big confidence and certainty. So you try to make it come true.   Soni was aware of it. After that time he still kept writing his dreams in a book and he had big confidence and certainty to make his dreams come true.

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